Standing Silly

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I'm a spontaneous, short, and silly redhead with a whole lot of dreams and so little time to fulfill them. I want to be something and everything at the same time.

"What doesn’t kill you, makes you stranger."

That is one of the truest statements I’ve ever heard. It will also make you stronger, yes; but once you’ve walked through hell, you are never going to see the world the same way again. You’ll be ‘stranger’ because others won’t understand. You have a clearer, honest, and true view of life. You’ll stop caring about the bullshit, You’ll go after what you want, and other people won’t be able to do a damn thing to slow you down. 

This is my life. It’s hard and it’s rough, but I’m stronger, stranger, and wiser for it. 

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So this happened yesterday #red #redhead #ginger #hair #crazy

My man is the king with claw crane games!

Just got the keys to our own place!!!! So excited for the next chapter of our lives. #love #first #moving #keys #new beginning

"You are the strongest person I have ever met.

You just don’t realize it because you haven’t made it to the other side yet.”

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And here we see Sulu showing off his dashing emerald cone of shame. And look how well it just compliments his lovely eyes. So stunning.