Standing Silly

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I'm a spontaneous, short, and silly redhead with a whole lot of dreams and so little time to fulfill them. I want to be something and everything at the same time.

Feels so good to be creating again #art #artist #colors #gingerpride. #gingerpride. #red #mascot #yay #creative #create

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I need to be inspired. 

Where is my muse?

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"If you ask yourself why Artist charge so much for performances etc. -We don’t get paid vacation -We don’t get paid sick days -We don’t get bonuses for outstanding performances nor for Christmas. -We don’t have insurance plans/pension, nor do we qualify for unemployment. -We sacrifice our family on special days so that we can bring happiness to others. Illness or personal affairs are not excuses for a bad performance. Next time you ask, remember that artist are artists because of the love of their art, but that love doesn’t pay debts."

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More bloody nails! <3

Bloody Nails!

Yay for halloween (: