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I'm a spontaneous, short, and silly redhead with a whole lot of dreams and so little time to fulfill them. I want to be something and everything at the same time.

So, I just realized that when I saw the Medium months ago before I left that she told me I was going to meet a boy. 

And I just laughed at her. 

Oh man, look at me now. 

I’m praying that he moves down so that I don’t have to let him go. 

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So, today I went with my Mom to a group reading for a Medium. 

I wasn’t expecting much, I mean i don’t really know anyone that’s died or anything. However, My mom has and that’s what I was expecting to come through.

Anyways, I was sitting there listening and then she looked at me. 

Medium: Have you been studying for something?

Me: Well, yeah. I’ve been training.

Medium: For what?

Me: Well, I’m an Aerialist. (She didn’t know what that was so I said) Well, Circus. 

Medium: Oh! Well, something high in the air like a trapeze?

Me: Yeah (Silk and Lyra are high up, so I was like never mind the details)

Medium: Well, I can see very big things coming up. Something from June- September, does that make sense?

Me: Yup, I will be in a show. (That’s also the dates of my contract.)

Medium: I see this a a step. You are putting your ducks in a row. 

Me: -nod-

Medium: Will you be performing in Cirque Du Soile?

Me: Not yet.

Medium: Well, I can see that it’s just a matter of time. If that is what you want, you will get there.  That is what I see with you putting your ducks in a row.

Medium: And do not worry so much. You worry too much about little things. Also, do not worry about your weight. You look fine and you will be fine. 

Me: -nod- (Even though I have lost a lot of weight, I am really conscious about it because everyone in Cirque is tiny. And here I am , this bulky thick thing and even If I wanted to be tiny, I know I couldn’t without losing my strength. )

Medium: I see the number three around you. Are there three important people?

Me: Yeah, I have three siblings.

Medium: Ah, that’s it then. They are very close and surround you. They will be a supporting factor. 

Medium: I see a lot of dancing and performing around you. 

Me: My youngest siblings are dancers. (Even though this could very well have been about the Show I will be in soon.)

Medium: I see a lot of performance, a very strong creative family. 

Me: -Nod-

Medium: -Looks at Mom- You’re related?

Me: She’s my Mum. 

Medium: I can see it. (To Mom) Has your mom passed? (

Mum: No

Medium: Grandmother then? Something motherly. 

Mum: Yes

Medium: I can see that she was very old fashion. 

Mum: Yes. (And she was. I hardly remember her, but what I do remember I did love.  She seemed very old and ancient, but in a wise knowing way. )

Medium: And your father, he is passed. Was he not a very touchy feeling kind?

Mum: -nod-

Medium: I can feel that he is very proud of his offspring. 

Medium: Did he pass from something is his chest? Lunges maybe?

(He passed away after a car accident, but died because his lunges were too weak from smoking.)

So, yeah needless to say it was a crazy experience.

And that only begins to top things off because I was feelin’ things too. 

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