Standing Silly

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I'm a spontaneous, short, and silly redhead with a whole lot of dreams and so little time to fulfill them. I want to be something and everything at the same time.

I’m gay.

Seriously, if I pretend I’m gay will my ‘friends’ stop crossing the line and getting all creepy as fuck on me?

If you are a male and my friend, I lay down my boundaries right away.  If I tell you I’m not interested then you need to learn to accept that and respect me if you want to continue being part of my life. That, or get the hell out. 

And the really sad thing is that this is not the first time this has happened to me. I understand being attracted to a friend, I’ve got one or two that I undeniably adore; but unless it’s mutual, you need to learn how to come to terms with it for the sake of friendship. 

It is disrespectful to go against your ‘friends’ wishes. After all, no means no. Don’t be an ass and ignore the boundaries.

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Laugh at me

That moment when your computer is all like, ” lolz muh batteryz are low and ima bout 2 turn off. Run bitch, get off dat fat ass and get dah plug lmao”

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 Message from DA Note:

STRANGER: WOW… you are just absolutely BEYOND beautiful and if you dont mind me saying so… your body is AMAZING as well lol Your bf is incredibly lucky to have you!

ME: I don’t have a boyfriend. Thank you for the compliments.

STRANGER: So guys around you are all gay or retarded?

ME: Perhaps I’m just not interested and have better ambitions in life than shacking up.

STRANGER: Wow… Sorry to offend you… Jeez No need to be a bitch


I am a bitch because I am not led around by my hormones and your cheap, sleazy ‘compliments’ have no effect on me. 

Let’s all be threatened by the independent girl with better things to do in life than have a boyfriend. Call me a bitch if you want, Boys; But we will see who gets further in life. 

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I need a cure.

I hate being sick. 

I can’t do anything, but lie around.

And I feel guilty. 

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Working out at Target

Yes, I am a five foot tall tiny person tromping through Target carrying the 50 pound bag of dog food. 

No, I do not need your help. Why in anyone’s right mind* would someone accidentally forget a cart and instead decide it’s more sensible to tote around a 50 pound bag?

Come on, people think. I’ve been out of the gym for a two weeks. I need to work these damn arms. 

Don’t ask me if I need help and don’t act like you are some hot male shit because you thought you were cool and stepping up to help some poor girl. Pluh-ezze, boy. I’ve got bigger muscles than you. 

*I guess we could also aurgue I’m possibly insane, but that’s beyond the point

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Shut Up

When I’m home alone and hear a noise, I take comfort in the fact that the chiwawa is still barking because if I were a burglar, that irritating little ball of fur is the first thing I would shoot dead. 

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Saying “hi” to me at completely random times of the day VIA facebook chat does not equate to you “trying to get in contact with me.”

If you are in such dire need of my attention, Perhaps you should be a little more detailed in your ‘Hi’.  I mean, If I’m busy and mutitasking when that flimsy hello comes through, I’m probably going to ignore it and hopefully remember to get back to it later when I’m not occupied and have time for basic conversation. 

I know some of the oddest things drive me nuts, but this is pretty high up there. If you want my attention, put a little effort into it and stop blaming me when I don’t reply. 

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Well, I’m sorry I’m not perect.

I apologize that I’m not your average run of the mile 20-something kid going into debt in collage or working some shit minimum wadge job with a miserable life supporting myself. 

And no, I am not some ungrateful girl, munching it up in my parents house. I understand it’s a privilege living here and I truly appreciate it, but does that mean I now serve as the scapegoat to my parents who have terrible spending habits? 

I’ve worked hard to not become a product of my generation. I’ve been a good kid. I wasn’t stupid and partied. I was smart, kept my legs closed and didn’t get knocked up at a ripe career crushing age.  But now at almost 23, I’m here handing over my paycheck to support a family. Please don’t get me wrong, I adore my family and love them with my entire heart; but should my paycheck be the constant fall back when you spend $55 for Chinese take-out and then surprise! End the week with no money?

How will I ever have a chance to figure my way and move on without being a little selfish and saving some of my paycheck. I’m not refusing to help out, I would be more than happy too; But I’m going to be a little more than bitchy when I have to constantly dish over all my earnings. 

My brother got his first job last week. At 21 years old. Doing food service. I’m not knocking the fact that he has a simple job, I’m pissed that I’ve had a job since I was 17 and now that I work a “measly three hours a week and sit on my ass the rest of the time”, I’m a lazy, irresponsible child.  This measly three hours is a wonderful job, teaching children at circus school. Sure, It’s not much; but it’s making a bigger impact on someone else’s life than flipping burgers. I’m sorry that my job doesn’t bring more than enough money to cover gas and support you. I apologize for being such an inconvenience.  

Also, I don’t sit on my ass. I’m out there, working my ass off to achieve my dreams and that’s a hell of a lot more than can be said for any other member of my family. And when I am ‘on my ass’,  I’m also then working to achieve because no artist is going to improve simply by thinking about it. My artwork may pull in very little revenue right now, but it’s something. And maybe I’m paying out a lot more to learn circus arts than I will ever recoup; but Someday, I will get somewhere with it. I can promise you that. And when that happens, all this bullshit is going to seem so stupid when I’m way up there and everyone else is still down here. 

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