Standing Silly

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I'm a spontaneous, short, and silly redhead with a whole lot of dreams and so little time to fulfill them. I want to be something and everything at the same time.

Sugar Skull Make-up Video by a PRO.


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I love how I have my own personal YouTube troll. It’s so touching that someone hates everything I do so much that they ‘Dislike’ every one of my videos within a half hour of uploading it.

I mean, Seriously. You must be stalking me or quite possibly obsessed. Do you even have a life or am I just that damn incredible and consuming. 

I also can not forget to mention this Troll is most probably either on my personal Facebook or subscribed to me considering the prompt and timely show of loathing. That shows true dedication right there. If I didn’t like someone, I most defiantly would not be able to put up with their incessant facebook updates.

So yes, Dear Troll of mine. Keep Disliking my videos. It makes me feel important.

I know for sure someone is out there watching me. 


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